Worldwide Collaboratives

GEM is keen on strengthening partnerships with organizations around the world, that share GEM mission and vision, in order to enhance a broader ownership of the data and models, and reach a sufficiently-granular global coverage.

Under Worldwide Collaboratives GEM intends to capture a broad set of potential initiatives, focused on a specific geographic area, with which GEM collaborates but does not fund or manage directly. For these initiatives, GEM offers visibility, access to intellectual capital, including training, and integration of OpenQuake resources to suit
a particular use.
This mode of collaboration is meant to promote engagement of local experts, and add richness to GEM’s resources, through sharing-alike of data, models, and results. Such initiatives might take one of many forms, for example:

a. National-level activities such as hazard mapping or risk assessment

b. ‘City Scenarios’ or urban risk assessments (maps of hazard and risk for a metropolitan area, together with hypothetical results after taking measures to build resilience). GEM may fund or co-fund and collaborate in pilot projects for a few cities, which can then be used as a catalyst for future, independent urban assessment projects by others.

c. Separately-funded initiatives at any geographic scale, for example, national-level disaster assessment projects funded by aid or development agencies aimed at building local capacity. Many such initiatives are aligned with goals related to sustainable development and implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) as well as the forthcoming HFA-2.



GEM has many  collaborators around the globe; organisations that believe in the effort and that are supporting a spectific activity, for example related to regional programmes, or organisations that are providing funding to the GEM Foundation to invest in those areas of the effort that need it most. One of the first project being implemented under this type of partnership is the Seismic Risk in South America (SARA) project.

However, we would like to do much more especially in the world most vulnerable areas and we look forward to discuss with many more organisations how to create strategic partnerships. Contact us for more information. 

How to join 


Worldwide Collaborative


Intellectual contributions1
Rights Worldwide Collaborative Council Membership2

Integration and Support
Training Workshops3








1) Data, models, expertise, results, etc. 
2) The Worldwide Collaborative (WC) Council is a newly-proposed group. It will comprise representatives of the GEM Worldwide Collaboratives and it will meet to provide strategic input on usability, cultivation of the user community, and development of GEM and OpenQuake, with particular focus on public-sector implementation. 
3) Targeted Training: GEM intends to build a dedicated programme of technology transfer and training workshops, targeted to public participants, regional programmes, and worldwide collaboratives.

Good Reasons to join GEM

Enter into an inspiring network

GEM is an exciting collaboration between top-level experts and institutions, public, private and international organisations from around the globe that play a leading role in earthquake risk assessment and management.

GEM’s Governing Board features renowned professionals from top organisations who meet formally twice a year and together take all strategic decisions related to GEM.

Strategise in GEM’s first phase

Between 2013 and 2014 many GEM products come to fruition and are being integrated into the OpenQuake platform. GEM Foundation participants actively take part in strategic planning during this last phase of GEM’s first Working Programme. Public Participants, Governor and Advisory Private Participants make strategic choices and decide on changes in focus when and where needed.

Contribute to earthquake risk reduction

GEM’s ultimate goal is facilitating risk awareness and decisions on that lead to a more resilient society. Partners play a key role in helping to ensure that tools and resources developed within the scope of GEM help to reduce earthquake death, destruction, dislocation and monetary losses from global down to local scale. Partners also help to build new collaborations to leverage GEM’s resources for mutual benefit.

Shape GEM’s future

GEM’s partners decide together on GEM’s second Working Programme, globally and regionally. The 2014-18 Working Programme emphasises continued development of regional and other collaborations, facilitating use of OpenQuake to support a worldwide community in carrying out risk assessments and increasing the global knowledge base. At the same time we will continue to support groundbreaking science globally.

There are more options besides becoming a participant in the GEM Foundation. If you or your organisation would like to partner with GEM to support a regional programme, work on a joint scientific project, read more in the section 'Support GEM'.