partners | 25 Feb 2014

Suramericana is the first new Governor Sponsor of WP 2014-2018

GEM inaugurates its second Working Programme by welcoming a new private participant. The decision of Suramericana, one of the leading insurance companies of South America, to become a Governor Sponsor represents an important step further towards the global and regional understanding of seismic risk and a concrete support to GEM’s efforts to collaboratively develop tools and resources for the purposes of disaster risk reduction and communities resilience. “The mutually beneficial partnership with Suramericana – stated GEM’s new Secretary General Anselm Smolka – will strengthen the public-private partnerships in this vulnerable region of the world, turning them into a community driven vision, as well as provide insight into the specific needs of the private sector in Latin America”.

The agreement, countersigned on the past 23rd December by the former Secretary General Rui Pinho, gives fundamental support to the efforts GEM is already undertaking in the Caribbean, South and Central America area, working together with local scientists and municipalities on activities related to earthquake hazard and risk.

GEM’s vision of state-of-the-art seismic hazard and risk modelling, open-source development, transparency and collaboration encouraged Suramericana to become a Governor Sponsor. “GEM’s vision matches that of Suramericana, and its collaborative approach among public partners, private partners, international bodies, regional projects and global scientific community is the correct way to achieve reliable risk mitigation” – stated the Suramericana’s leadership.

Regarding potential life and material losses associated to earthquakes, this agreement is importantfor Suramericana because of GEM’s goal of expanding the science and understanding of earthquakes at scales from local to national, regional, and global, through data, models, knowledge and tools applicable for Latin America, where Suramericana has currently its focus.

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