general news | 16 Aug 2012

Earthquake risk information needs worldwide

In order to better understand the needs of beneficiaries with non-technical backgrounds, the GEM Foundation commissioned research to identify such needs and to learn how, within the scope of GEM, they could possibly be addressed. Geohazards International (GHI) in cooperation with Colorado State University’s (CSU) Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis started a study in December 2010 and presented their findings and recommendations to the Governing Board of the GEM Foundation on June 29th.

The recommendations are intended for the collaborative GEM effort, through which the GEM Foundation collaborates with governments, intergovernmental and other leading organisations from around the globe to ensure that the tools that are developed, the models that are produced and the risk information and supporting resources that are rendered available, support disaster risk reduction at large and DRR professionals in specific.

Read more, download the report and leave your feedback.


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