events | 02 May 2017

Resilient Cities 2017 - 8th Global Forum on Urban Resilience & Adaptation

Urban disaster risk management: Tackling earthquake risk

Event type: Conference
Date: 4-6 May 2017
Location: Bonn, Germany


Facilitator: John Schneider, Secretary-General, GEM Foundation (Global Earthquake Model), Pavia, Italy


  • David Jácome Polit, Chief Resilience Officer, Municipality of Quito, Ecuador
  • Georg Schwarz, Consultant Corporate Responsibility,  Munich RE, Munich, Germany
  •  Alessandro Attolico, Civil Engineer, NISDR Advocate and SFDRR Local Focal Point for the UNISDR “Making Cities Resilient” Campaign, Potenza, Italy
  •  Beto Dima, Deputy Director, Fire and Emergency Prevention and Rescue Authority (FEPRA), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • Nush Raj Shrestha, Senior City Manager, Dhankuta Municipality, Nepal 
  • Takashi Otsuka, Director, ICLEI Japan Office, Tokyo, Japan

A comprehensive understanding of the disaster risk a city faces can offer crucial insights that can guide the development of a framework for disaster planning and also help increase the city’s resilience when disaster strikes. Most importantly, perhaps, proper risk considerations can then be incorporated in decision- and policy-making as well as in development planning and investment programs. These are essential elements of sustainable development. With this in mind, GEM Foundation is seeking partners to address risk due to earthquakes or other natural hazards in cities around the world. The development of this initiative will be discussed with key stakeholders attending the conference.

This will be an interactive session with the specific objective of discussing global urban risk due to earthquake or other natural hazards, with key stakeholders. Participants will include mayors and local authorities from cities around the world, and representatives of international organizations working on urban development such as ICLEI, Rockefeller Foundation and UN-Habitat. Representatives from cities that have already benefited from similar activities are invited.

Download session description here.


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