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Understanding GEM's potential beneficiaries

Geohazards International and Colorado State University




The Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation is now at a point in its organizational history when it is ready to begin developing tools and resources for individuals who are not earthquake risk assessment experts. The research project described in this report was designed to learn about the needs of these individuals worldwide, in order to provide information that could help to guide GEM’s future tool and resource development. This project is an important initiative, as user needs are often not assessed prior to the development of scientific or technical tools. That lack of user needs assessment has contributed to a gap between what decision-makers and end users say that they want from science and technology, and what science and technology offer to decision-makers and end users. Fortunately, the gulf between scientific communities and policy-maker and practitioner communities is not so great that it cannot be overcome. Engaging in dialogue and needs assessments—such as the one described in this report—across the divide is one of the best ways to begin to build bridges between these communities.

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