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The GED4GEM Project: Development of a Global Exposure Database for the Global Earthquake Model Initiative

P. Gamba, D. Cavalca Universita degli Studi di Pavia, (Italy) K. S. Jaiswal U.S. Geological Survey Golden CO/Synergetics Inc. (USA) C. Huyck Imagecat Inc, (USA) H. Crowley GEM Foundation (Italy)

Physical Risk



In order to quantify earthquake risk of any selected region or a country of the world within the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) framework (, a systematic compilation of building inventory and population exposure is indispensable. Through the consortium of leading institutions and by engaging the domain-experts from multiple countries, the GED4GEM project has been working towards the development of a first comprehensive publicly available Global Exposure Database (GED). This geospatial exposure database will eventually facilitate global earthquake risk and loss estimation through GEM’s OpenQuake platform. This paper provides an overview of the GED concepts, aims, datasets, and inference methodology, as well as the current implementation scheme, status and way forward.

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