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Site Effects in Parametric Ground Motion Models for the GEM-PEER Global GMPEs Project

J.P. Stewart and E. Seyhan University of California, Los Angeles, USA D. M. Boore US Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA, USA K. W. Campbell EQECAT, Beaverton, OR, USA M. Erdik KOERI, Istanbul, Turkey W. J. Silva Pacific Engineering and Analysis, El Cerrito, CA, USA C. Di Alessandro & Y. Bozorgnia PEER Center, UC Berkeley, CA, USA




We review site parameters used in ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs) for various tectonic regimes and describe procedures for estimation of site parameters in the absence of site-specific data. Most modern GMPEs take as the principal site parameter the average shear wave velocity in the upper 30 m of the site (Vs30) either directly or as the basis for site classification into categories. Three GMPEs developed for active regions also use basin depth parameters. We review estimation procedures for Vs30 that utilize surface geology, terrain-based site categories, ground slope, or combinations of these. We analyze the relative efficacy of those procedures using a profile data set from California assembled in a recent NGA project. The results indicate that no single procedure is most effective and that prediction dispersion is lower for young sediments than for stiff soils or rock.

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