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Selection of ground-motion prediction equations (GMPEs) for GEM1*

John Douglas, Ezio Faccioli, Fabrice Cotton and Carlo Cauzzi




This document describes a selection of published ground-motion prediction equations (GMPEs) (also known as attenuation relations or ground-motion models) and their features, for use in the seismic hazard assessment to be performed at the global scale in GEM1. Such a scale of application obviously requires that all the significant tectonic regimes affecting the generation of earthquakes that can cause damage to the built environment be taken into account in the selection. This requirement marks a first difference with respect to, for instance, those of the SHARE project, focussed on Europe and neighbouring countries only. The extension to the global scale requires dealing with many large regions belonging to different tectonic regimes where no strong-motion data have ever been recorded and no GMPEs directly based on strong-motion data been proposed. The whole of Africa, leaving out Algeria and Egypt, is a striking example of this situation, as are vast areas of Asia.

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