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SelEQ: An advanced ground motion record selection and scaling framework

Macedo and Castro

Physical risk



The consensual agreement that ground motion record selection plays an important role in the non-linear dynamic structural response has contributed to numerous research studies seeking the definition of accurate ground motion record selection techniques. However, most of the available tools only allow for record selection based on spectral compatibility between the mean response spectrum of a record suite and a target response spectrum. This paper presents SelEQ, a fully integrated framework that implements state-of-the art procedures for ground motion record selection and scaling. In addition to typical record selection procedures, SelEQ allows obtaining the Conditional Mean Spectrum (CMS) for the European territory, the latter making use of the open source platform OpenQuake and the recently proposed SHARE seismic hazard model. This important feature allows state-of-the-art record selection for probabilistic-based assessment and risk analysis. SelEQ incorporates a number of procedures available in the literature that facilitate preliminary record selection (e.g. disaggregation for a specific site) and that allow advanced selection criteria (e.g. control of mismatch of individual ground motion records). The framework makes use of the Adaptive Harmony Search meta-heuristic optimization algorithm in order to significantly minimize computational cost and analysis time, whilst still meeting the imposed selection constraints. Application examples of the framework indicate that it can accurately select suites of ground motion records for code-based and probabilistic-based seismic assessment.

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