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Indonesia Building Exposure Development

J. Bevington, R. Eguchi, S. Ghosh, W. Graf, Z. Hu, P. Amyx, C. Huyck, M. Huyck, G. Esquivias, M. Eguchi, A. Vicini

Physical Risk



This report provides a full description of the GEM-AIFDR (Australia-Indonesia Facility for Disaster Reduction) data collection pilot in Indonesia. Key processes central to the development of the IDCT (Inventory Data Capture Tools) are described, including development of homogenous zones for land use characterization, sampling building data in the field, creating mapping schemes from sampled data, applying mapping schemes to building count data, and validating the results. These steps, tested through this pilot, form the basis of the Spatial Inventory Data Developer (SIDD) Product Requirements Document (PRD). The SIDD PRD describes in detail many of the lessons learned in preparing the attached document, such as the need for an iterative approach which focuses on validation and the requirement of a simple hierarchal taxonomy to represent structure type.

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