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Earthquake Model for the European-Mediterranean Region for the purpose of GEM1

G. Grünthal, R. Arvidsson, Ch. Bosse




This is an external report, produced within the scope of the GEM1 project. GEM1 was a focused pilot project of the Global Earthquake Model initiative, which ran from January 1st 2009 to March 31st 2010 and was aimed at generating GEM’s first products and developing GEM’s initial IT infrastructure. The technical achievements of GEM1 have been summarised in a series of 10 reports; 6 internal and 4 external GEM1 reports. The internal reports are based on the achievements of the GEM1 team, the external reports are written by external experts who had been awarded a subcontract to carry out a specific task. In addition to reading this external reports, it is suggested to also read the rest of the GEM1 reports and in particular the GEM1 Executive Summary.

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