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Data Interchange Formats for the Global Earthquake Model (GEM)

Keith Porter and Charles Scawthorn SPA Risk LLC Pasadena CA, USA




Sixteen draft data interchange formats and 7 terminology standards (collectively referred to here as DIFs) are proposed here for use in GEM1. This initial draft includes several DIFs for hazard output (to be used as input to risk analyses), exposure (i.e., values exposed to seismic risk), vulnerability, and fragility. Samples are provided of each DIF, and in each case, each parameter is explained, assigned a variable type (e.g., integer, text string, double-precision floating point, etc.) and any constraints are specified (e.g., probabilities between 0 and 1). The proposed data standards in this draft draw primarily on OpenSHA, OpenRisk, PAGER, and to a limited extent HAZUS-MH, EMS-98, and the World Housing Encyclopedia. The DIFs presented in this draft are entirely human-readable, plain-text flat files (commas-and-quotes); no attempt has been made yet to define XML formats. The emphasis in these DIFs is on simplicity and universality over storage efficiency. It is not intended that these DIFs represent a complete or exhaustive set of what GEM1 will require. Later drafts may add XML format and DIFs for other I/O needs. GEM1 participants are encouraged to contact the authors to recommend additions, modifications, and clarification.

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