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Matteo Nastasi

Senior Software Developer


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+39 0382 5169865

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Matteo Nastasi

Matteo has been a part of GEM for over a decade, serving as a software engineer. During his tenure, he has been actively involved in various geo-referenced web projects, handling both frontend and backend development. His responsibilities include programming with the QGIS API to generate high-quality map reports and creating REST APIs to offer hazard curves as a service for rested sites. He also manages software packaging and release procedures. Matteo possesses expertise in designing and developing Django applications, working with SQL, and using various other programming languages. He has embraced Agile methodologies to enhance development and communication with other teams, including SCRUM, pair programming, and test-driven development. Furthermore, Matteo has experience in distributing geographical databases at the server level, including multinode replication, and resolving software issues, making architectural changes as needed to prevent data conflicts. He has also made small contributions to open-source projects like QGIS and Gimp. Additionally, he holds a high school diploma in Computer Science and is passionate about music, the sea, physics, astronomy, and technology.
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