Development of an Earthquake Loss Model for Iran


Development of an earthquake model for the Islamic Republic of Iran for the purposes of developing insurance policies. In this project several local reports and databases were collected, and used to develop a new exposure model for the residential, commercial and industrial building stock. After the identification of the most common types of construction, vulnerability and fragility functions were developed. The seismic hazard component was calculated using the recently released Earthquake Model for the Middle East (EMME). To this end, 100,000 years of events were generated, and used to calculate probabilistic seismic risk (e.g. average annual losses, probable maximum losses and aggregated loss exceedance curves).

The Iran Risk Assessment Project was developed in partnership with Aon Benfield and a local collaborator, Dr. Houmanne Moe.

Objectives and Expected Outputs

The main objective was to perform probabilistic Earthquake Risk Assessment for Iran. The three risk components were developed and implemented in the OpenQuake platform to achieve this.



Funding partner






International Institute for Earthquake Engineering & Seismology

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