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GEM strives to deliver lasting effects on the ground in the form of reduced earthquake risk and improved earthquake risk management at local and national levels. GEM believes that high quality, open, transparent and accessible earthquake risk tools and models combined with collaborative capacity development is key to achieving a world that is resilient to earthquakes.




Seismic risk assessment tools development

Seismic risk data collection and standardization

Seismic risk model development at local, national, regional and global scales

20+ open computational tools and global databases for earthquake hazard, vulnerability and exposure highlighted by the OpenQuake (OQ) analysis engine.

OpenQuake and the ISC-GEM catalog were used in countless presentations at the 2017 Fall AGU meeting in New Orleans. Really fantastic impact on the research community, raising the bar on seismic risk assessment; it was great.

Ross Stein

CEO & Cofounder, Temblor, Inc. USA

Outputs and Products

OpenQuake engine, supporting tools and web platform

Databases for earthquakes, exposure, faultlines

Seismic risk models at various scales

Global earthquake risk model covering 240+ countries

18K+ OpenQuake platform users from 156 countries since 2015

10+ global seismic risk databases

1000+ fragility curves

80+ publications

GEM has been highly successful in mobilising support and cooperation for achieving its goal of producing a global map of seismic hazard and risk. At the time of writing, no other special interest group has been anything like as successful in producing global hazard and risk maps.

Edmund Booth

The Institution of Structural Engineers

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GEM's earthquake resilience performance scorecard methodology has been used in Lalitpur as inputs for the building code process. We are keen to move forward and to further use the scorecard method in the future.

Surya Shrestha

National Society for Earthquake Technology, Nepal

Immediate Beneficiaries

Delivery Mechanisms

National government agencies

Municipalities and cities

Insurance & reinsurance companies

CAT modellers

Engineering companies


International agencies

Energy companies

GEM is a groundbreaking initiative. From the scientific perspective, I am impressed with the extent and level of development of the tools such as the OpenQuake, and how GEM has managed to grow over the years.

Rosa Sobradelo

Willis Towers Watson, UK

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Capacity development through OpenQuake tools training, technical support and assistance

500+ trained in seismic risk assessment using OpenQuake in 90+ countries since 2014

Local, national, regional and global seismic risk projects implementation

Data and information sharing through the OpenQuake web platform and GEM website

25+ local, national, regional and global seismic risk assessment projects covering 150+ countries

30K+ website and platform users from 150+ countries since 2015

20+ Government agencies using OQ and GEM resources to develop or revise national hazard maps

20+ Insurance and reinsurance companies using OQ, GEM resources and technical services to enhance in-house capabilities in seismic risk assessment

Our partnership with GEM expanded in-house expertise on earthquake risk and strengthened our overall internal and external risk management processes. We hope to continue this productive collaboration in the years to come.

Jörg Steffensen

Hannover Re - Group Risk Management Modelling

GEM has successfully developed a 21st century seismic risk assessment software - OpenQuake, and addressed the challenges of global database standards for risk assessment.

Kelvin Berryman

GNS Science, New Zealand


Enhanced understanding of global earthquake risk

Improved, standardized and more accessible information for disaster management

Improved information for insurance pricing

Improved skills in scientific seismic risk assessment

We are particularly impressed by GEM’s collaborative, interactive approach in working with its stakeholders, and are proud to support GEM in their goal of worldwide earthquake resilience.

Paul Della Marta

PartnerRe, Head of Catastrophe Research


Global earthquake resilience.

Safer communities.

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