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USGS presentation by GEM’s Vitor Silva: Annual Risk Community of Practice Meeting


Sep 21, 2020

USGS office

Vitor Silva recently participated in the virtual USGS Annual Risk Community of Practice Meeting to share his experiences at GEM on the meaning of risk analysis, how it is done, and what it looks like in the end.


Vitor was joined by three other Risk Analysis panel speakers - Robyn Wilson of Ohio State University who discussed the development of strategic communication efforts, and the design of decision support tools that assist individuals in making more informed choices; Megan Linkin of Swiss Re who discussed innovative parametric solutions to cover natural catastrophe exposure for a range of client segments, including public sector buyers and large corporates; and Katherine Greig of Flood Re who discussed recovery and resiliency focused on climate change, flood insurance, and building mitigation.


The Risk Analysis Panel sessions tackled the tools of the trade, current state of knowledge, processes used in risk analysis, risk analysis in structured decision-making and some examples of products and applications being used for analyzing risks.


Vitor shared his experiences in the development of several vulnerability and risk studies at the urban, national and global scale; the assessment of the impact of earthquakes in dozens of regions around the world, and capacity building events he had conducted with the GEM team covering more than 500 participants from more than 60 countries.


He also discussed his most recent research that focused on the integration of machine learning in risk analysis, forecasting of earthquake risk into the future and interaction of natural hazards and the ongoing COVID19 pandemic.


The Risk Analysis Panel discussions concluded with planning for the next year’s meeting. Topics discussed in three breakout groups ranged from how to effect knowledge transfer as a community; how to facilitate making connections across a virtual space; and what’s needed as a community to build capacity in risk research and applications.


Vitor’s full presentation is available .

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