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Upcoming QGIS version to include contributions from GEM developers to enhance visualization functions


Mar 18, 2019

A Coruña contributors meeting: another step forward for the QGIS.ORG project

The GEM team, represented by Senior Developers, Matteo Nastasi and Paolo Tormene participated in the QGIS User Conference and Developer Meeting held in A Coruna, Spain from 4th - 10th March 2019. The event which kicked off with a 2-day workshop followed by one day of International QGIS User Conference and four days of Developer Meeting, attracted participants from Europe and beyond to meet fellow QGIS project users and developers, and to gather experiences and share knowledge about QGIS.

Matteo and Paolo presented "HyBridge: an open-source framework for QGIS desktop - Web Application interoperability" and "The Integrated Risk Modelling Toolkit: a QGIS plugin driving the OpenQuake Engine” respectively during the QGIS User Conference.


Matteo also presented an enhancement that will improve the QGIS user experience in map formatting and layout during the succeeding QGIS Developer Meeting. The enhancement which introduces two new types of items distribution in the layout, allows a user to add vertical and horizontal equispaced distribution. It is expected to be included in the next release of QGIS this year.


During the Developer Meeting, contributors to the QGIS project take the opportunity to plan their work, hold face-to-face discussions and present new improvements to the QGIS project that they have been working on. As a project that is built primarily through online collaboration, these meetings provide a crucial ingredient to the future of the QGIS project.


The QGIS Developer Meeting is planned with minimal structured programme to allow participants the freedom to meet dynamically with those they encounter at the event. The meeting is a volunteer-driven event where contributors to the QGIS project from around the world get together in a common space.

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