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GEM Services page is now online


Jun 3, 2021

GEM is happy to announce the launching of its !


Contributing to its mission to promote earthquake resilience, GEM offers collaborative services, products and resources that can be used for public and commercial purposes by organizations or individuals worldwide. GEM's products and services are transparent, accessible, credible and applicable not only for disaster prevention and preparedness, but also for applications that focus on response and recovery.

Check out these services and share the page with your contacts and networks.



Development of hazard, exposure, vulnerability, fragility and risk models and risk scenarios at various scales (city, province, country) using GEM datasets and OpenQuake tools. This service focuses mainly on model development for third-party model providers, insurance and engineering companies.


Assessment of earthquake hazard, risk and social vulnerability and resilience at various geographical scales through project partnership, consultancy and technical cooperation agreements. This service focuses mainly on earthquake hazard and risk assessment in collaboration with a wide-range of stakeholders at the city/town, country or regional levels.



GEM provides customization, development and maintenance of the OpenQuake (OQ) engine and it's associated toolkits; and bespoke OQ engine applications. Clients can request specific enhancements to OQ engine and toolkit functionality or performance tailored to their particular applications.


Information technology support and provision of technical assistance specific to OpenQuake engine, plugins, hazard and risk toolkits. Clients can request support in the use of existing OQ engine and toolkits for specific applications.


Combined with the development of hazard or risk models, we can help clients build a system to publish interactive hazard maps + graphs. This service is also applicable to non-earthquake hazards and for visualization of a wide variety of spatial information, such as exposure data from the METEOR project.



In addition to the online OpenQuake training workshops provided as part of the TREQ project, GEM offers customized sessions on earthquake hazard, risk and social vulnerability assessments using the OQ engine, GEM models and datasets. Interested? Contact us at and let us know your needs.


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