Sub-Saharan Africa Geodetic Strain Rate Model 1.0

Technical Reports | 11 Dec 2015 > In this report we describe the Sub-Saharan Africa Geodetic Strain Rate Model 1.0, which is a contribution to the Global Earthquake Model Foundation (GEM) Strain Rate Project.

GEM Faulted Earth Project

Technical Reports | 10 Sep 2015 > This is the final report of the GEM Faulted Earth Project (GFE), which was active between 2010 and 2013.

Guidelines for Analytical Vulnerability Assessment - Low/Mid-Rise

Technical Reports | 25 Aug 2015 > Guidelines (GEM-ASV) for developing analytical seismic vulnerability functions are offered for use within the framework of the Global Earthquake Model (GEM). Emphasis is on low/mid-rise buildings and cases where the analyst has the skills and time to perform non-linear analyses.

Existing Empirical Fragility and Vulnerability Relationships: Compendium and Guide for Selection

Technical Reports | 18 Aug 2015 > This document reviews existing empirical vulnerability and fragility functions worldwide in terms of their characteristics, data sources and statistical modelling techniques.

Risk Modellers' Toolkit - Manual

Technical Reports | 29 Jul 2015 > A suite of tools for creating the input models required for running seismic risk calculations using the OpenQuake-engine.

Guidelines for empirical vulnerability assessment

Technical Reports | 15 Apr 2015 > These Guidelines provide state-of-the-art guidance on the construction of vulnerability relationships from post-earthquake survey data.

Introduction to the GEM Earthquake Consequences Database (GEMECD)

Technical Reports | 25 Mar 2015 > From the inception of the GEM Global Earthquake Consequences Database (GEMECD) the ambition was that the database will serve to inform users on consequences from past events, as a benchmarking tool for analytical loss models and to support the development of tools to create vulnerability data appropriate to specific countries, structures, or building classes.

Global Exposure Database - scientific features

Technical Reports | 29 Jan 2015 > The aim of this report is to provide a comprehensive documentation of the GED4GEM project and its results, the Global Exposure Database (or GED).

Glossary for the GEM building taxonomy

Technical Reports | 19 Jun 2014 > Glossary for the GEM building taxonomy

Global geodetic Strain Rate Model

Technical Reports | 28 Mar 2014 > Global geodetic Strain Rate Model