GEM Newsletter

GEM Newsletter

GEM bi-monthly Newsletter shares updates on events, latest scientific releases and calls for collaboration. It also features news from regional programmes, partners and the GEM wider community.

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Latest Newsletter

January 2015


The January issue features:  

  • Follow-up of the OQRelease
  • Video and applications
  • Road to Sendai


August 2014


The August issue features:  

  • Presentation of Working Programme II
  • Joint Board Meeting
  • Understanding Risk Conference (London)
  • IASPEI Conference (South America)
  • Gem at Anchorage
  • EERI takes stock of the past years


May 2014


The May issue features:  

  • CBuilding resilience in Kathmandu Valley
  • Colombia paves the way to risk assessment
  • A greta example of collaborations in the Balkans
  • 4200 downloads for ISC-GEM catalogue
  • Adavncing Science&Technology


March 2014



The March issue features:  

  • Changes in Governance
  • Enhancing partnerships (Suramericana and SGC)
  • OQ engine workshop
  • GEM@UR 2014
  • GEM@scientific conferences
  • Risk meeting Medellin


December 2013


The December issue features:  

  • Working together to assess risk: a paradigm shift
  • Enhancing Partnerships: Arup and Oyo
  • GEM data products, what's new? 
  • News from the Regions: together for a comprehensive seismic risk model for Taiwan
  • News from the Regions: GEM South America integrated Risk Assessment (SARA) project


October 2013


The October issue features:  

  • Celebrating achievements & looking forward
  • Coming soon: GEM Inventory Data Capture Tools (IDCTs)
  • Understanding earthquake risk and social vulnerability in Kathmandu
  • Earthquake Model of the Middle East (EMME) project
  • GEM South America integrated Risk Assessment project


July 2013


GEM Newsletter 2013

The July issue features: 


  • A journey into GEM Reveal 2013
  • 2013 GEM Outstanding Contribution Award
  • GEM new partners
  • Call for applications: GEM Secretary-General
  • Next steps for GEM

June 2013


The June issue features: 

  • GEM Reveal, create, share, explore
  • OpenQuake Engine v1.0
  • A millennium of earthquake history accessible online
  • GEM going forward
  • News from the regions
  • New science on the shelf


January 2013



The January issue features: 

  • ISC-GEM Global Instrumental Catalogue
  • Together with GFDRR:
    making risk assessment tools more useful for all
  • The GEM Building Taxonomy
  • News from the regions
  • New partners
  • A brand new GEM: update