In GEM's Model Facility 6 guys from around the globe are developing OpenQuake, but... as with everything in GEM; OpenQuake is a true collaborative project and in reality many more early adopters, developers from collaborating organisations and other individuals from around the globe have contributed to software development.

What can you work on?

The OpenQuake Engine

The OpenQuake Engine is an open-source application for performing seismic hazard and risk analysis. The Engine is built on an assorted stack of open-source software components, including PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Celery, RabbitMQ, Redis, Numpy, and Scipy. It uses the new OpenQuake Hazard Library and the OpenQuake Risk Library to compute hazard and risk (see below).

hazardlib (Hazard Library)

The hazardlib (the OpenQuake Hazard Library) is open-source software for performing seismic hazard analysis.

risklib (Risk Library)

The hazardlib (the OpenQuake Risk Library) is open-source software for seismic risk assessment.

All of GEM's code.. and more on github

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