Coordination and Management

Anselm SmolkaSecretary-General
Paul Henshaw – Director of Technology & Development
Carlos Villacis – Regional Project Manager and Strategy Coordinator

Support Services

Roberta Borgognoni - Contracts and Licensing Officer
Simone AliprandiContracts and Licensing Advisor
James Brown - Design and Branding Officer
Luna Guaschino - Communication and Outreach Officer
Chiara PigoliSecretarial and Administration Officer

External Collaborator:
Kazuo Inumaru - Japan Liasons (part-time)
Carlo Piana - Legal Advisor
Francesca Rossi - Fiscal Advisor

Strategy and International Relations

Nicole KellerInternational Relations and Partnerships
Kate Stillwell – Strategy and Sponsorship/Science Board Management

Technical – Scientific Activities


Marco Pagani - Hazard Coordinator
Julio GarciaSenior Hazard Scientist
Damiano Monelli - Senior Hazard Scientist
Graeme Weatherill – Senior Hazard Scientist

Yen-Shin Chen – PhD Student
Luis Rodriguez – PhD Student

Physical Risk

Vitor Silva – Risk Coordinator
Catalina Yepes – Physical Risk Engineer
Anirudh Rao Physical Risk Engineer

Chiara Casotto - PhD Student
Catarina Costa - PhD Student
Sevgi Ozcebe – PhD Student

External collaborators:
Helen Crowley - Senior Physical Risk Engineer
Jairo Valrcarcel - SARA project

Social Vulnerability and Integrated Risk

Christopher Burton – Social Vulnerability Coordinator
Miguel Toquica - Social Vulnerabilty Associate (SARA project)


Matteo NastasiSenior Software Developer
Michele Simionato – Senior Software Developer
Paolo Tormene – Senior Software Developer 
Daniele ViganòSystem Engineer
Ben WyssSpatial IT Developer

External collaborators:
Marco Bernasocchi – QGIS support

The Secretariat is furthermore supported by many collaborators of the Eucentre / Pavia Risk Centre, including: Saverio Bisoni, Monica Curti, Michele D'Adamo, Gabriele Ferro, Luca Rustioni, Luisa Corona, Fabio Germagnoli, Giuseppe Lombardi, Giulia Magagnato.


Testing and Evaluation Facility [Potsdam]

Thomas Beutin – GEM Testing and Evaluation
Álvaro González – GEM Testing and Evaluation
Robert Clements – GEM Testing and Evaluation
Danijel SchorlemmerFacility Coordinator

Governing Board

John SchneiderGeoscience Australia (Chair)
Claudio Boettcher - Zurich Insurance Company (Vice-Chair)

Public Participants

Kelvin Berryman – Ministry of Research Science and Technology (New Zealand)
Marta Calvache - Colombian Geological Survey (Colombia)
Luis CifuentesPontificia Universidad Catolica (Chile)
Mauro DolceCivil Protection (Italy)
Amod Dixit - National Society for Earthquake Technology (Nepal)
Aura Fernandez – Fundacion Venezolana de Investigaciones Sismologicas (FUNVISIS) (Venezuela)
Hiroki Fujiwara – National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED)(Japan)

Philipp LangerState Secretariat for Education and Research (Switzerland)
Conrad LindhomNORSAR (Norway)
John LuddenBGS / NERC (United Kingdom)
Kuo-Fong Ma - Earth Sciences Institute, Geophysics, National Central University Taiwan / Taiwan Earthquake Model (Taiwan)
Gari MayberryUSAID, USGS (United States)
Tso-Chien PanNanyang Technological University (Singapore)
Selamet Yazici – Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool (Turkey)
Jochen Zschau – GFZ (Germany)

Private Participants

Alex Allmann - Munich Re
Lou Gritzo – Factory Mutual Insurance, FM Global
Tomàs Isaza - Suramericana
Takashi Kanemori - OYO
Ming Lee – AIR Worldwide
Jaesung Park - Nephila
Rui Pinho – Eucentre 
Joerg SteffensenHannover Ruckversicherung Af, Hannove Re
Andy Thompson - Arup

Associate Participants

Jay Berger – The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI)
Salvano Briceno - IRDR / ICSU
Francis Ghesquiere – GFDRR / The World Bank
Domenico Giardini – IASPEI
Yan-Kee Cheng – IStructE
Polat GülkanIAEE
Alex Makarigakis – UNESCO
Sahar SafaieUNISDR
Richard McCarthyCalifornia Seismic Safety Comission
Frédéric Sgard – OECD

Science Board

Ross Stein – USGS (Chair)
Fabrice Cotton – University Joseph Fourier (Vice-Chair)


Ken Xiansheng Hao – NIED
Kazuki Koketsu – Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo
Hugo Yepes – Instituto Geofisico / University Joseph Fourier
Mary Lou Zoback – Stanford School of Earth Sciences

Physical Risk 

Paolo Bazzurro - University Institute for Advanced Study
Mustafa Erdik – Bogazici University / KOERI
Andrew King – GNS Science
Pennung Warnitchai – Asian Institute of Technology

Socio-Economic Vulnerability and Resilience

Omar Dario Cardona – ERN-AL / National University of Colombia
Louise Comfort – University of Pittsburgh
Alberto Monti – IUSS
Firoz Verjee – Aga Khan Development Network


Phillip Maechling – Southern California Earthquake Center

Board of Auditors

Franco Corona (Chair], Luigi Migliavacca and Antonio Ricca.